The truck in question was a MAN 8.136,   Ex Danish Army 7.5 ton 4x4 lorry.

These trucks were made for the Danish Army and used for various roles. This one was a mobile office so it had an insulated tarp on the back with solid rear wall with a window and door (Solid as in plywood.)

The previous owner fitted a taillift for getting bikes in and out,   we used it as a veranda and as a bike rack.

The truck is excellent to drive, quiet and does about 50mph. The cab is good on space- bigger than a Unimog cab as there is some space behind the seats. We decided to replace the ‘tarp’ with a full camper box conversion to enable full time living for 2 adults, one child and a dog.

We chose to make a steel frame and clad it with aluminuim rather than use composite board, this was mainly due to timescales, being able to weld and pop rivet meant we could build immediately, as sourcing the right material was a problem at the time.  We would now however build this from composite panels, having done more research we are able to supply boxes pre built for any vehicle.

Once the box was completed we constructed the interior from our own wood supply, a bit extravagant but this was a build for ourselves, not intended for re-sale!
With a baby belling gas stove, woodburner, shower/toilet, engel fridge, seating and sleeping for 3/4 the 4m x 2m x 2m box proved adequate.

Technical Specification


Make / model  

MAN 8.136

Age / mileage


1988 / 28,000km

Wheels / tyres


Michelin XZL




Fuel storage / range


3 tanks giving 400L approx 1000miles

Water storage / capacity


250 L tank

Water purification


Life saver bottle

Gear Storage


Under bed storage

Sleeping system


King size household mattress

Navigation System


Garmin V + maps

Cooking set up


Baby belling gas cooker wtih oven

Special modifications


The whole thing !



Battery isolator

Recovery gear


Big strap



Over cab for firewood and dog bed

Food storage / fridge


Engel MT 45

Washing facilities


Small sink with footpump for water

Auxiliary power system


24V split charge and Solar panels

Auxiliary lighting


Fluros and a couple of halogens