We are constantly striving to provide the best equipment available, here are the brands that we supply: 



AluCab are passionate about delivering high quality, innovative vehicle accessories and conversions. With many years of experience behind them, they have become a leading manufacturer of aluminium canopies and campers amongst other specialised products, for both commercial and recreational use.



Allybacks offer a wide range of Aluminium drop side Pick Up Backs, Trays and Accessories that truly utilise your pickup truck. The aluminium drop side trays are a perfect replacement for the standard pickup bed due to the space utilization, weight saving and general usability.


Aquapac was founded back in 1983 in London. It all started with three young windsurfers wondering if they couldn't find a way to listen to a Sony Walkman while on (and in) the water. What they came up with was certainly not the most elegant-looking product. But it worked!


Bo-Camp is the biggest camping brand in the Netherlands and has got a huge variety of products. Often the products from Bo-Camp are offered as concepts to shops. The range of products is large and the variety of the products within the shops is based on the type of shop and the type of consumer that visits the store. Bo-Camp products are clever and easy to use. The products ensure that modern day campers are able to enjoy their holiday carefree.


Campmor Outdoor is South Africas leading Canvas Tent Manufacturer. With over 20 years of industry experience Campmor has perfected tentmaking like no other company. Each Canvas Tent is made to give you the best camping experience & satisfaction. Wherever life's journey may take you, be sure to take along a Campmor Canvas tent - because... Life is Good in a Campmor Tent!


Coleman® - The Outdoor Company. Product excellence, innovation and testing. First and foremost our passion is the outdoors and as a result, our inspiration for innovation is driven by the diversity of what the outdoors has to offer. Globally, we are committed to encouraging more people to go outside; it's the ethos behind our day-to-day thinking. Therefore, each year, we create a wealth of innovative products, introducing new categories that will inspire you to explore your outdoors.

Whether you enjoy relaxing with friends and family outdoors or your personal passion is exploring the Arctic in freezing conditions, our product range will have the correct tools to support your individual adventure. A brand you can trust, it's a trust that's been earned over the last 100 years and it's a virtue that has stayed with Coleman through generations thanks to our commitment to delivering the highest quality products.


CURVER is a leading company in the design of plastic household products, a business activity that has strong growth potential. Within 65 years, CURVER has become an international company placing innovation and design as a top priority. Curver ensures it remains one step ahead of the game, continuously working to create practical, decorative and user-friendly products that make life easier and more fun.

Ecobilly / Rod's Country Camping Gear

The Fastest Bush Hot Water. The environmentally friendly Billy. Ideally suited for all outdoor activities

Eezi Awn

There are good reasons why Eezi-Awn is one of the largest manufacturers of RECVEE Equipment. Since its inception 31 years ago the name Eezi-Awn has long been synonymous with quality Rooftents, Retractable Awnings, Fridge Sliders, Roofracks and accessories. Eezi-Awns dedication for exceptional service is evident in all the equipment we produce, sell locally and export to many countries around the world. Eezi-Awn is beyond comparison.


Exped develop high performance outdoor gear that empowers our users in the pursuit of unrestricted outdoor experiences – wherever your next expedition may lead you to, be it a nearby forest, tropical jungles, a remote mountain peak or challenging waters: for trekking, climbing, hiking and globetrotting.


Our expertise in lens technology results in products that meet the conditions of each type of terrain and the requirements of each user. Protection, angle of vision, hold, ventilation etc. All of our products are meticulously constructed.


Katadyn- Water treatment products are in high demand for outdoor enthusiasts, international travelers, relief groups, and preparedness minded individuals. Katadyn provides you with a water system for every need – including traveling, camping, backpacking, sailing, paddling, fishing, biking, etc.


LifeStraw® makes contaminated water safe. It's simple. Award-winning LifeStraw® water filters make water contaminated with bacteria and protozoa safe to drink. LifeStraw® water purifiers also remove viruses. All LifeStraw® products are durable, lightweight, and require no electricity or batteries to operate. For every LifeStraw® product you buy, one school child in a developing country receives safe drinking water for an entire school year. Follow the Liters to learn more.

Light My Fire

Our lives have become digital, time-efficient, mobile and programmed. Yet when we dream, we dream of candlelight and romance, campfires and freedom, bonfires and celebration. Everyone longs for fire. Fire is life. We sell fire. We develop unique, low-tech, premium quality outdoor products with the design, color and function that make them just as attractive to use in the city as in the wild.


When we think of our most basic human needs, we often think of food, water and shelter. But when architecture graduate students Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta were asked to design a product to assist post-earthquake relief efforts in Haiti, they considered the dangerous conditions at night in the tent cities and turned their attention to another critical need: Light. Now everyone's getting the bright idea: hikers in Yosemite, backpackers in Whistler, and emergency workers in Nepal alike use LuminAID to light their way.

National Luna

National Luna prides itself with being a manufacturer of high-quality products aimed at the 4x4, camping and caravaning markets. National Luna has a strong background in portable, low-power refrigeration and fluorescent lighting, originally used in remote areas where power is at a premium. In addition to these two product lines, National Luna has developed a range of battery management systems and monitors for use in 4x4 vehicles, caravans, trailers, boats, solar and other battery applications.



NEMO is founded on a commitment to adventure, to the fearless pursuit of uncharted paths, in everything from the equipment we build to the way we run our business. Bravely exploring new directions opens our minds, brings us closer to the people we depend on, sharpens our wits, and lifts our spirits. Adventure gives us purpose and perspective. It makes us humble and proud. We believe meaningful adventures are possible for everyone, anywhere. Possible, that is, if you bring the will, the imagination, and the right gear.


Clever Cooking Since 1899, has its origins in Sweden and has been manufacturing outdoor stoves and accessories for more than a century. Savour every outdoor experience with outdoor cooking equipment that is safe and easy to use.


"Petzl's mission is to create innovative solutions, tools or services, that help people progress in vertical or dark environments. Our goal is to continuously strengthen our expertise in these two areas. Its reason for being resides in the idea of "accessing the inaccessible", a notion that lies at the heart of daily life for vertical and rope access professionals. This determination means a constant search for solutions to your needs in terms of performance, ergonomics, comfort and reliability. Your needs in the field are the first consideration in our approach to design and manufacturing. This is the way we have worked for forty years." Paul Petzl.

Point 65°n

Point 65 Sweden, founded in 1996, is a leading outdoor brand in Northern Europe and one of the fastest growing outdoor brands in the world.We are dedicated to quality, form and function. We are innovative, products are functional and design is Scandinavian. Our mission is to inspire people to the outdoors through innovative, unique and outstanding products assured by the Point 65 brand. We strive to offer a wide range of innovative, unique and outstanding outdoor products to bring out the explorer in people, starting from our roots in the world of paddling.


Technology that leads, world-wide. First there was the idea, followed by a functional oiler. Since 1910 we have developed and improved our range of products. We manufacture 83 million parts and pieces for more than 2500 original products today.


Reliance prides itself on being one of the most established and focused market experts in Hydration, Sanitation, and Purification products for the great outdoors. This expertise is quite evident in our product innovation and design. It is evident in the customer service we provide. But mainly, it is evident in the quality of every product sold under the Reliance name.

Rhino 4x4

Rhino 4x4 was founded in 1992 in Cordoba Argentina by Mr Alejandro Pereyra. It is a company dedicated to designing and manufacturing accessories for 4x4 vehicles and in the off road market.
In 1998 Rhino 4x4 developed the first Front Bumper for pick ups in Argentina, the company improved the product until achieving their goal "The New Evolution Bumper", the star of the company. Rhino 4x4 also supplied the Back up/Service vehicles of the Dakar Rally with their Evolution Bumpers.
Rhino 4x4 celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2012, with new products and projects for the future.
The company is exporting the Rhino 4x4 products to South America, Europe and now Africa!


Scrubba Washbag - the washing machine that gives back clean water. Part of our decision to take the Scrubba wash bag to market ourselves has been to control the high quality of the product and to ensure that those in need are looked after. We realised on a trip to Laos and Cambodia that clean drinking water was scarce in many remote parts of the world and decided to dedicate a portion of our proceeds to tackling this issue. We donate cash to projects that provide access to clean drinking water around the world for those in need. A selection of our supported projects is set out below.


"We have invented these tree tents because we love this planet and hope that we will inspire others to also apreciate the Earth. Perhaps one day when enough people discover this new possibility to spend time in nature in comfort and security, people will come to spend more time out there and value trees more. Perhaps this way, by being there, among the trees, we can reduce the rate of deforestation to a point where the growth of new trees is faster than the rate of logging. It's not that inconceivable. Our planet can return to being green once again. This is our quest. Alex and Kirk, Rob, Matte, Syd, Lucy. We plant 3 trees for every tent that you buy"


Trek'n Eat Outdoor Meals - Unique freeze-dried foods that can be prepared with water. Perfect for your ready-made meals when travelling, on expedition, while boating and on family outings. Trekking Meals are simple to prepare – just add boiling water, stir, leave to soak for 8 – 10 minutes and the meal is ready.

Wilderness Lighting

Wilderness Lighting is a leading independent UK specialist supplier of powerful LED Light bars and LED working lights designed for the off road, Agriculture and Forestry use. Wilderness Lighting LED lights have been carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and reliability whilst giving the maximum light possible. All our Wilderness Lighting lights have been fully tested and come with a 3 year guarantee.


XT Power

XT Power is a German company offering solutions for mobile energy supply for all mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets. Charge your device easily via Solar, USB connections or the DC input. Never lose power again when out and about.