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Africa (12)

The next best thing to actually being there to experience an overland adventure yourself is to hear the highs and lows, trials and tribulations from someone who has been there and done it.

In January 2013 we set off from Reykjavik Iceland with 15 passengers in an ex army 4x4 truck, headed for Cape Town. This was the first ever Expedition tour from…
Gloucestershire to Merzouga (Morocco) (2012) by Tony Evans
Morocco (September 10th to October 4th 2011)by Harry Mangham
Tetbury (UK) to Port Elizabeth (SA) (1st October 2011- April 2012)by Jeremy
England to Cape Town (2009)by Bob
Morocco (October 2008)by Gareth Griffiths
Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia (1993)by Stan
Africa (October 2009)by Kirk Lynch

shoe string

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timbukto (2006/7)by chris carter
southern algeria (mar 2009)by yacine h