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Another Newbie

Postby jimmcdoo » Thu Jun 21, 2018 10:28 am

Hi All. Another newbie.

I'm Jim, years ago my wife Nuala and I decided that we would like to see the world or part of it anyway and thought that a renovated bus would be the ticket, over time we came across overlander's and all terrain vehicles and liked the idea of off the grid living. In late April this year after much deliberating and studying we bought an Oct 1990 T244 from Witham's auctions for £3600 plus vat and with just over 14,000 miles (not guaranteed) on the clock. She's a left hand drive in excellent condition, sills and floor pans are like new, no rust and I think the lorry was more in storage than in use, but that's a guess.

I hope to have the project completed early 2019 , Feb, March time would be ideal, with a set off date May. I'm off to a good start, the lorry has been stripped, cleaned, sealed against rust and painted, the cab is gun metal grey and the chassis black in a semi matt finish.

The cab has been stripped and insulated for sound proofing purposes, although I've yet to add a crawl through. All refurbishment is being done outside as I have no facilities to work on the lorry indoors, so I'm in a rush to have a sealed habitation box uploaded onto the lorry by the end of August with skylights windows and doors installed.

I've a 3/4 of a ton steel habitation frame made and I am going to skin it with GRP in the next month or so, more on that later.

I've decided to load the box direct onto the lorry frame and am not worrying about anti torsion as I think 98% of the time I won't have need for it and that the weight of the habitation box coupled with the strong body base will help to curtail any twist in the frame, but who knows. I've been planning this for a long time and am excited that a vision is now taking shape warts and all.

The lorry has been on site roughly 7 weeks, I put two new batteries in her just yesterday and she started better than my car, although a tad smokey. All dashboard instruments are working.

So, I'll take you on a journey with me as an aid to spurring me on and I've a load of questions I will be asking, so, don't be afraid of putting me right if you think I'm on the wrong track. In the mean time I've included a few pictures.
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Re: Another Newbie

Postby NeilandPat » Thu Jun 21, 2018 11:35 am

Welcome Him.

Looks like you are doing a great job.

There are loads of folks on here with DAF's so I don't think you will find a better place for a bit of advice.

Good luck


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Re: Another Newbie

Postby christyler » Thu Jun 21, 2018 11:53 am

Hi Jim,

welcome to the group, looks good i like the frame. the only thing i would say is to have another think about the anti-torsion mount, it's not that hard to do, i know it raises the center of gravity etc etc And you think you won't be going off-road, but in that truck you can, it would be a shame to limit yourself.
you would be very surprised how much the chassis is designed to twist in that truck, by bolting your substantial frame directly to it you will be negating design features of the truck making it handle differently.
Also, it will still be trying to twist, so eventually something somewhere is going to break.

these are just my thoughts, i am sure someone more knowledgable than me will be along shortly.
The best of luck with the build however you do it,
My area of expertise is electrical/electronics/network/wifi. let me know if i can help you with anything.

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Re: Another Newbie

Postby DaveS » Thu Jun 21, 2018 12:44 pm

Welcome aboard. Nice base vehicle, I'll be interested to see how your build comes along. Lots of guys with knowledge on here, should you need it.

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Re: Another Newbie

Postby jimmcdoo » Thu Jun 21, 2018 2:16 pm

Thanks for the welcome guys.

I'll keep you all updated. On the anti torsion Christyler, I think i'll keep to the plan, my reasoning is that the lorry is designed to cope and twist with 5 tonnes on board although I stand to be corrected.

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Re: Another Newbie

Postby Ivan C » Thu Jun 21, 2018 2:21 pm

Hi and welcome.
That box looks strong enough to dispense with the load bed and go rail on rail to the chassis.
Remember, every kilo has to be moved with diesel and dug out when it sinks in.
Ivan C

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Re: Another Newbie

Postby Brian-reynolds » Thu Jun 21, 2018 7:51 pm

Hi Jim and Nuala, and a warm welcome to you both!

You have chosen a great base truck and you are on the best forum out there, despite others saying different!

There are a great friendly bunch on this forum, even Phil! with a good few out there in the world doing-the-doo!

What part of the world are you located in?

As for the torsion, do you plan on using the bed you have shown in the picture of your truck, and plonk the "box" onto that. The bed being the metal load bed minus the wooden planks, or is that being removed as well? Sorry to ask, a bit confused... as always....

There are a few mods that you are best to carry out at some stage, but more on these later.

Have you got a copy of Steve "Crinklystarfish" Haynes Manual? If not then do get a copy asap, it is the muts thingies....

Good luck and happy building, take it slowly and enjoy! It is going to be a long up hill job, but well worth it in the end.

Also remember there is a big meeting at Stratford-Upon_Avon racecourse in September, and most of us will be there, with a few exemptions using the excuse of being in Chile or someplace!

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