Side protection and rear run under bars

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Side protection and rear run under bars

Postby ralph » Wed May 20, 2020 7:31 am

Since I will now be going for HGV plating as a 7.5 tonne van (with windows) I am thinking I will need some side protection bars and a rear run under bar. I have looked at the regs and am thinking since the body is 950mm off the ground one protection bar each side will be enough will be enough and I am intending to make them from 25mm x 50mm box section with plastic end caps. These will actually make up part of the supports for the grey water tank and extra fuel tank so i don't mind fitting them.
When it comes to the rear I was thinking 100mm x 50mm bar welded to two support legs which will be bolted to the chassis each side but i am wondering if i need to angle the support legs towards the rear because of the sloop of the rear of the body or can i just drop them straight down. The bar will be removable because obviously fitting has defeated the object of the slope at the rear of the body.
Has anybody made their own before? does the above sound acceptable?

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Re: Side protection and rear run under bars

Postby Brian-reynolds » Wed May 20, 2020 10:02 am

Hi Ralph, you do not need a rear under run as it is a 4x4 truck... as for the side guards though, no idea I am afraid....

Can you PM me when you get a mo please? Or better still, try

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