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Re: Diesel heater location

Postby ralph » Tue Nov 13, 2018 2:38 am

[quoteTo achieve much the same end point as Neil's, there's a good argument for using a combination of a simple hydronic furnace in series with the engine coolant / calorifier / water-to-air matrix PLUS a blown-air LPG / diesel furnace as the primary source of space heating. Such a system is relatively simple, efficient, and means you're never likely to be without some heating capabilty in the event of major component failure. With a setup like this, you'll also (hopefully) never be reliant upon having to run the engine to heat domestic water / space (as you might be in a plate system in the event of hydronic furnace failure).][/quote]
I had thought about this and must admit it seemed like the best idea it was just the cost of two diesel heaters and locating them both but I suppose now I have found a space inside that would be ideal to locate the air heater and a relatively simple install it would also do away with the need / expense of a couple of heater matrixs and fans. I would then run the engine coolant though the c top,calorifier and a towel rail. As you say the best of both worlds and would add some built in redundancy if i did fit one matrix/fan to the circuit.

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Re: Diesel heater location

Postby crinklystarfish » Wed Nov 14, 2018 9:43 am

For what it's worth I'd personally choose an LPG powered blown-air heater over a diesel powered one assuming a known supply of LPG. That, combined with a vehicle-fuel (usually diesel in our case) hydronic furnace, would be a highly desirable system in so many ways. Loads of waffle in the book about why.

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Re: Diesel heater location

Postby Brian-reynolds » Wed Nov 14, 2018 10:30 am

If you were to install some sort of heater/furnace under the vehicle, what would happen when you go wading in some nice cold water?

Would the shock kill such a device?


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