Thinking of change up - Vario maybe - thoughts?

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Re: Thinking of change up - Vario maybe - thoughts?

Postby RussG » Sat Jan 21, 2017 5:46 am

Sorry Dave we're away for a few months (not in the van) so I can't give you the exact measurement.
My guess would be 5'10" ish. But as it's a full width king size mattress it's possible to stretch out slightly diagonally if you want. Neither of us are small, length or width wise :lol: and it's been fine.

4 of you though, umm a Vario but they are big from a manoeuvrability and access perspective. Nothing is perfect but I could go for one myself.
I did start looking but then thought what the hell, we just need to get on with travelling/using ours rather than spending time and money on another conversion :)

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