DAF T244 Cab Rams

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Re: DAF T244 Cab Rams

Postby TimberwolfII » Mon Dec 30, 2019 11:50 am

I work for a hydraulics company. I haven't any experience in the cab rams other than pumping the cab up and down (successfully). there are two companies you should be aware of that will help in this issue.

Steerforth engineering and FPE seals (Darlington). The first do kits to make rams and the second will do custom seals, even off CAD drawings; both are super experienced and helpful. We use them daily.

There shouldn't be any issue in creating something to replace the OEM, if as a last resort, its just a hand pump and ram.

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Re: DAF T244 Cab Rams

Postby Brian-reynolds » Mon Dec 30, 2019 12:53 pm

Blimey, this a blast from the past!

So far I have found many hydraulic companies that say they can fix these rams, but when they see them they realise they can not....

I have successfully fixed my rams, so far anyway, but to do them properly, with all the seals, you will need to either use a lathe and some form of cutting gear... maybe a hacksaw or a grinder, then either thread a part or re-weld.

As for making a bespoke ram to fit, it is all down to cost as usual, once again companies have said they can, but none actually have.... maybe too small a market....

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