Water Filters

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Re: Water Filters

Postby NeilandPat » Mon Jun 24, 2019 9:21 am


I haven't used the brand Oasis, bit have used similar tablets in the past.

One drawer back we have experienced is the chemically / chlorinated taste they produce.

Does Oasis leave a taste ?

It would be handy to have some on board for the extra dubious water sources


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Re: Water Filters

Postby crinklystarfish » Mon Jun 24, 2019 12:50 pm

Yup, they're just as 'bad' as other chlorine-based purifiers - but the faucet-mounted filter sorts this issue and removes the odour etc.

I'd have thought the activated carbon components of a Seagul would similarly remove such taste / smell?

FWIW, for showering and general use we're not really fussed about the chlorine, but for food prep / drinking / brushing teeth we simply switch the faucet filter to 'filter mode' and the job's a good 'un.

By switching to 'filter mode' only when we actually need it, it means the multi-stage filter cartridge will last ages (in terms of flow-capacity, anyway).

The inline hosepipe and Shurflo strainers can simply be backflushed to clean them and the faucet-mounted filter replacement cartridges are about £10 each. I expect one or two a year will be required.

It's no Seagul system that's for sure but at £30-ish for the hardware and an ongoing cost of about 50 pence-worth of tablets per 250 litres to be purified (plus the occasional cartridge), it punches well above its weight !

More than anything, I'm attracted by the simplicity and versatility. The various stages can be included or excluded as required; and it's all just totally accessible.

The combined effect of all the stages means (it would seem, anyway) that it's at least as safe as most proprietary systems. If anything can survive pre-straining, chlorine for 30 minutes and then get through a 0.5 micron multi-medium filter cartridge, it probably deserves to give us the poops.

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