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Re: Pop quiz

Postby NeilandPat » Fri Mar 20, 2020 3:53 am

Thanks for all your best wishes.

We are totally locked down but we do have food.

We are on probably the last camp site that is still open . If the police shut this one we are literally going in to hiding.

The locals think that foreigners are the cause and their atyitude towards us has definstely changed

We will see how this develops


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Re: Pop quiz

Postby crinklystarfish » Fri Mar 20, 2020 9:03 am

It gives renewed perspective to the idiots over here whose only real problem is sussing out where next to exploit in order to selfishly add to their pointless mountain of arse wipe.

If you need any research / behind-the-scenes stuff doing that might help with your position just let us know. NB This does not extend to posting arse wipe: see above.

FWIW, if Emma and I were over there right now, I'd take some strength from being in it with you and Pat as I have tons of faith in your resourcefulness and resilience.

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