Daf t244 sleeper pod

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Daf t244 sleeper pod

Postby Pieter » Fri Oct 04, 2019 6:25 am

Hi there all. I'm new to this forum but have already been using it extensively for pre-planning, so hello and thank you for all the good info.

So, I am looking to buy a Daf T244 and converting it as a expedition camper. As it will be for myself, the wife and two children space will be a premium and I was wondering if anyone has ever added a sleeper pod on the roof of the cabin or what your thoughts on this idea might be? As the roof can hold the weight of 2 people, I was thinking a lightweight pod, just for sleeping for the kid/s, accessible through the roof hatch. Any help would be appreciated!

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the big merc
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Re: Daf t244 sleeper pod

Postby the big merc » Fri Oct 04, 2019 8:49 am

We have fitted a sleeper pod to the rear of our double cab with no problem. We don't use it for sleeping merely for head room and storage, it has enabled us to have a full height walk through.
There are a lot of trucks on the road with sleeper pods but most are only for 1 person as I think 2 would be a little tight.
Good luck with your build.

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Re: Daf t244 sleeper pod

Postby crinklystarfish » Fri Oct 04, 2019 6:05 pm

Just a couple of general observations:

1. The T244 cab rams are unreliable. They frequently fail. Any extra weight on or in the cab won't help.
2. If the vehicle will be used in genuinely dodgy terrain then avoidably raising the centre of gravity is not a great idea.

Tom H put a good quality pop-top on his hab box. Not sure if this would fit with your plans but it's a pretty elegant and versatile solution for extra sleeping space that has a good number of other advantages, too.
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