New owner required..

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New owner required..

Postby stan » Mon Oct 22, 2018 12:00 pm

So ive thought about this a lot, but since our move to Germany a lot has changed, so ive decided that i can no longer vaibly run this business from here.

The forum is stand alone and has not part in the business as the business is/was importing vehicles and selling camping kit. This all came about by accident but has grown into something that might be of interest to someone else to take over.

I have this website and an established name and plenty of users on the forum, this is linked to a shop platform. Stock is available and contacts for the accounts held. I have given some accounts up in the move but they can be resurrected.
There are also social media accounts that can be transferred.

My year end is due at the end of this month alomg with my vat quarter.
I aim to close the business, as its a limited company and de reigister for vat, thus reducing my liabilities in the UK.

I am offering the business for sale as a going concern before this happens.
Maybe someone wants to get into this market and this is a good platfrom to start from.
This would include
The website, forum, shop, social media accounts

Stock would be extra at its pre sale value.

If there is no interest then the forum might have to be taken over separately and someone might want to host that, but at this stage i want it to go as a package.

If anyone is interested please email me

Thanks people

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