Hunting for worksop space near portsmouth

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Hunting for worksop space near portsmouth

Postby marky116 » Sun Jul 31, 2016 10:33 am

Hi all
after 4 years travel I returned to the uk, parked up my 40.10w in local farmers yard and disappeared off to china as a girl i met in nepal was off to work there. Two years later I'm back with a little boy living in sunny southsea in portsmouth. Before you scream cruel, criminal hang him. yes you know whats coming! my beloved van that served me so well apart from a hiccup with the timing chain!!! has been left to rot. How could he do it i hear them scream!!! and my answer is life goes on and time whizzes by. However after sorting a home for my little boy I might just have time to sort out my other child neglected baby. But to breath some life back into her I need s storage space somewhere near Portsmouth with power preferably undercover, that won't cost me an arm a leg and first born All ideas welcome.

all the best Mark

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