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Vehicle Specification

Mercedes Benz 911 LA B 4x4
33 yrs 65.000 kms
8.25 R 20
350ltr 2000 kms depending on piste
200 ltr
seagul filter iV
permanent double bed 1.40 x 2.00m
garmin 60 csx
gas indoors + coleman 424 out side
Allah + a tow rope
national lunar weekender 40ltr +10ltr freezer
inside shower+outside
24v batteries charged from engine

Five Quick Questions

Best Gadget

national lunar fridge chest type so all the cold air does not drop out when opening the fridge, (as the upright types do and then the compressor has to start up to re cool the inside.)

Best Space Saver

we have lots of space so we don't need any space saving measures

Can't do without...

our inverter and fridge

Trips Planned

we are now on our round the world trip should take at least 10 years

Dream Vehicle

we are in it

mercedes benz 911 LA B

Mercedes Benz 911 LA B 4x4 (33 yrs 65.000 kms)
by david

Mercedes Benz 911 LA

Ex german police radio wagon for the berlin wall, she was kept in a heated garage when not used to keep the radio equipment dry, so she is in great condition.

4x4 selectable with rear diff locks and all mod cons
for a 1977 truck!!!!!!!


What made you choose this one?
On our last overland trip in our landrover to Asia and back we saw these Mercedes everywhere and decided to search for one when back in Europe. We chose Nessie for the availabilty of parts worldwide and for the way she looks - the old bull nose bonnet and the round roofed rear make people smile everywhere we go. Oh, and at under £ 10,000 to buy it was right in our budget range!

Main criteria for this project?
Love to travel

Modifications undertaken?
Complete rear rebuild as it was a radio wagon for the old berlin wall. so list as-- water heater truma 14ltr-- water tank 200ltr-- water filter seagul 1V-- fridge national lunar weekender 40ltr +10ltr freezer-- solar panels 170W-- gas two ring burner with grill-- webasto heater water type already fitted and much more. See webpage for full details....

Modifications yet to do?
Changing tyres to 1100R20 for better ground clearance and construction profile.

How does it perform?
Great we only travel at 60-70 km/h so we get to see the world outside instead of a blur. And its great to have a home big enough to live in whatever the weather.

What would you do differently?
Nothing as yet but as this is our house for the foreseeable future changes are bound to happen as we travel different countries.

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Tim Makins
written by Tim Makins, April 04, 2010
What weight is this vehicle when full and empty? Have you got it into the 7.5 ton category? Where did you source it from?
written by david, April 05, 2010
vehicle maximum full is 7.5t.
with no overland supplies, extra fuel and water but with the truck ready as a camper with all furniture in place - 6.3t.
the beauty of this truck is that she is capable of carrying 9t but is plated down to 7.5t.
we sailed through our MOT class 4 BEFORE we stripped and converted her (we screwed a sink to the wall and that completed the requirements!)
we drive her on standard licence.
we got her from a private dealer in Germany - a guy who buys them one at a time to sell on to fund his own overland travels.
but they are becoming difficult to find at a low price now.
4 x 4
written by tony @sneaky, April 05, 2010
Nice bit of kit, where was photo taken on the bridge? Tony
written by david1, April 06, 2010
hi there,
it was taken in Chile last november at a national park called Torres del Paine Patagonia.
we are travelling around south america at the moment have a look at our web page for more photos and info.
thanks for the remark.
written by lennys, August 12, 2010
Thanks for sharing your experience with others.
where do you buy parts for yours?
written by dave, August 13, 2010
hi there you should find all the parts you need in germany, any mercedes truck dealer will have them, also you can sign up to the mercedes EPC parts on the internet for 17 euros a year and search for the exact part number for your truck with the vin number.
Top Speed?
written by Trev, July 24, 2011
I own a Unimog, Its top speed (Ex-Fire Truck) is 109km/h, What is the top speed of this unit?
written by david, July 28, 2011
hi we can get about 95 kmh but always travel at 60 kmh to see the world, no need to be a blur in the windscreen
written by David Flesser, September 16, 2011
Hi Dave, How is your 911 in mild to wild,dry and wet offroad terrain? Can they be fitted with a front diff lock for for even better traction in difficult terrain?
Whats the most difficult / challenging terrain you have travelled with your 911? Do they have any mechanical weak points? I also love the look of them and what you have done to the interior of yours.I am looking at buying a Cab Chassis one and building a simple comfortable camper module on the back for 2 adults and 2 children.
Happy and safe travelling.
David Flesser
nessie offroad
written by david, September 18, 2011
hi dave good offroad but front difflock not sure try allrad forum german site but great for the 911, we did a road from the peru border into ecuador all offroad and uphill raining.
local trucks and even the pick ups stayed at the border because the road was too bad to get to villcabamba, we put her in 4 wheel drive and off we went. no problem.
weak points havent found any yet, its built like a tank.
try to sound proof the engine bay they are quite noisy
have fun with the truck
any other questions give us a email
mercedes LA710kr
written by ads, September 29, 2011
Hi there how are your travels going are you still in south america? ive just been looking on this webbsite in fact i think i joined it once lol. i live in the south west of england and i own a mrecedes La710kr with i think the same body in rear, everyone thinks i have put a train carriage on the rear of it , we first saw them in morocco , we went to germany in 2005 to buy ours , it 1964 and our box is the demountable type
hello there
written by david, October 02, 2011
hey any pictures of your 710. enter it in the my wheels trucks so we can have a better look, we are still in equador with our fleeces on and its raining. not so much of a tropical paradise....ha ha
added my truck pic
written by adam, October 23, 2011
Hi there i finally got round to adding some pics of my mercedes, if you put LA710kr you should find it. Hows your trip going is it still raining .....

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